AC Repair in San Gabriel Valley, CA

AC Repair in San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Air conditioners are usually dependable, especially the newer models with their improved designs. These can last ten years or more with proper care. Older systems, however, tend to show their age eventually. They can start to act in unusual ways and their performance suffers are well. Here are two of the common reasons why people call for AC repair:

Excessive Noise

The inside of an air conditioner has moving parts so hearing noises from it isn’t a surprise. However, these tend to be low hums from the fan which typically blends right in with the surroundings. Loud noises are unusual and should be investigated. These can usually be traced to the condenser and the motor. They may be having difficulties in performing their duties. The noise is merely a symptom of this and is not the actual root of the problem. Technicians can diagnose the situation and come up with the appropriate solution.

Increasing Bills

Another cause for concern is a noticeable increase in energy bills. If the consumption patterns stay the same and nothing major has changed, then this rise is highly suspicious. There is no point in paying such a large amount to the utility company. Have a technician take a look at the system to determine what the problem is. It may be an issue with the air circulation, a leak of the refrigerant, and other things that affect the unit’s efficiency.

Home Performance Matters, Inc

We are heating and cooling experts with a focus on energy efficiency based in Upland, CA. Our company can help you troubleshoot whatever is ailing your air conditioner. We have certified AC repair technicians who have years of experience in their trade. They will quickly identify the cause and formulate a suitable plan for resolution. Call us today for immediate assistance.