Heating Maintenance in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Heating Maintenance in San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

The best time to perform heating maintenance is during fall, just before the cold winter season. The maintenance routine can help to prevent future breakdowns as well as improve the efficiency of the system. In the long run, routine maintenance of the heater can help to ensure the heater lives out its full life. However, maintenance can only be done by licensed professionals who know all the areas to work on. At Home Performance Matters, we offer much more than that. We offer complimentary energy audits and help clients process rebates. We also offer affordable financing for heating upgrades, if needed.

Heating Maintenance Procedure

Our technicians are NATE-certified, so they know what to look for when performing maintenance. They will start with a simple inspection on the heater to check for the color and stability of the flame as well as soot formation around the room where the heater is installed. Ideally, the flame should be blue in color and stable, not unstable and yellow in color. If there is soot around the walls, exhaust pipe or the furnace itself, our technicians will know that there is incomplete combustion in the system. This problem can easily be fixed by opening up the furnace and cleaning and readjusting the burner assembly. The thermostat must also be checked by adjusting it upwards and downwards to see if it works properly. The ignition system will also be checked and adjusted accordingly. The blower assembly will also be inspected and serviced. Our team will complete the maintenance routine by lubricating the fan motor and blower wheel as well as replacing the fan belt, if it has lost its tension. Lastly, the furnace is put back together and restarted.

At Home Performance Matters, our goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your home and heater maintenance is a great place to start. Call us today to discuss your options with our customer support team.