AC Service in San Gabriel Valley, CA

AC Service in San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

No one wants to have a problem with their air conditioner, but when it happens to you, you need to know when to call for AC service. Here are a few things to watch for that might cause you to call in the experts at Home Performance Matters.

NoiseAC Service San Gabriel Valley, CA

If your air conditioner is making a lot more noise than it used to, there might be a problem that needs to be addressed. Before the problem gets worse or the unit quits working altogether, it is best to call for AC Service.

Lack of Cool Air

If your air conditioner is no longer blowing cool air, you will need to have a professional check things out. It might need frion or could have a number of other issues, but you need it to be addressed as soon as possible so you can get things back on track.

Balance Issues

If one room of the house is nice and cool and another steaming hot, you might have a balancing issue with your air conditioner. Call for a professional to come check the unit over and balance things out so every room is comfortable.

Regular Maintenance

Even if your air conditioner seems to be okay, it’s a good idea to have Home Performance Matters come out every year in order to run a maintenance check on the unit. You can have them check the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioner and take care of any minor issues that can turn into major problems.

Home Performance Matters is happy to help you with any air conditioner issue you have in your home. If you need a new air conditioner or if you need to fix or maintain the old unit, this company can do it all. They even offer free estimates so call today.