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Attic insulation and Wall insulation are some of the first places you should focus when upgrading your home. Hometime Insulation’s cost-effective attic insulation services provide immediate results. Insulation increases comfort in your home and reduces utility bills. We offer several attic upgrade services in addition to “blown-in” insulation including: Sanitizing, Removal and Vacuuming, Rodent Sealing, and Air Sealing.

According to the Building Performance Institute (, it is nearly impossible to effectively install Batt Insulation in Attics. We use a better solution –  Blown-In Cellulose Insulation. Blown-In Cellulose Insulation fills every space and leaves no voids for absolute full coverage.


Our approach to Insulation is unique. Most other insulation installers are only interested in blowing insulation. We start with a thorough inspection to identify any issues that might impact the performance of the insulation and the safety of the home. If proper preparation is not done your insulation may not work at its maximum performance. Just like a good paint job, insulation is all about preparation. If proper “prep” work is not done, your insulation is unsafe and will not do its job. We are concerned about your home as a system and we will make every effort to show you how to maximize energy efficiency, savings, and comfort. Call us today to schedule an energy evaluation and estimate.

Why Insulate?

1: Increased Comfort Increased comfort is achieved through minimizing the amount of Heat Energy*(BTU’s) that accumulate in the attic and pass through the ceiling into the living space. First and foremost this will help equalize temperatures room to room in the home and keep a greater temperature difference between the outside & attic to the living space.

2: Reduced Energy Consumption = Lower Bills! The higher the true R Value of the installed insulation, the less BTU’s (Heat Energy) there are for you HVAC system to combat. Less BTU’s in the conditioned area require fewer hours of operation of HVAC equipment required to meet that demand.

3: Reduced Noise Levels Insulation has been proven to reduce the noise infiltration from outdoors into the living space* 4: Return on Investment Through various calculators insulation has been shown to consistently provide a solid return on investment through lowered utility bills.*

Attic Insulation is the most cost-effective energy upgrade you can make. Attic Insulation helps to maintain comfort by keeping heat out during the summer and heat in during the winter.

We offer several attic upgrade services in addition to blown-in insulation including: Sanitizing, Removal and Vacuuming, Rodent Sealing, and Air Sealing. Proper attic “preparation” will ensure maximum energy efficiency and indoor air quality.


Blown-In Insulation

Installation of fiberglass or cellulose insulation


Removal or old, contaminated insulation


Decontaminating and neutralizing rodent odors

Rodent Sealing

Installing barriers at all rodent entry points

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