Solar Installation Can Make Your Upland Home More Energy Efficient

Solar Installation Can Make Your Upland Home More Energy Efficient
October 25, 2016
Solar Panel Installation Service Rancho Cucamonga CA
October 27, 2016

Solar Installation Can Make Your Upland Home More Energy Efficient

When searching  for solar services for your home Upland CA residents can rely on Home Performance Matters for everything under the sun regarding this renewable energy source. There never has been a better time to go solar with traditional energy costs continuing to rise and the prices of solar components becoming more affordable. Let the professionals at HPM guide you through the entire process from assessment through installation.

Not Your Typical Solar Installation Company

HPM is a complete home services company dedicated toward remodeling that helps Southern California homeowners strive toward net zero energy consumption. Because of our mission, we don’t just simply sell solar panels to our customers, we assess their needs first. We’ll come out to your home and perform an energy audit that takes a look at how you consume energy and where your family can improve usage. Only once we have determined that and have made adjustments will we recommend the appropriate size solar installation for your needs.

Why Purchasing a Solar System is Better

Many solar services companies will attempt to entice you with the fact that you’ll not have any or little cash outlay upfront. Such programs also involve lease agreements, which actually adds to the cost of the system. Annual lease costs typically rise by 2.5% to 2.9% per year, which doesn’t allow you to control the price of what you pay. By paying for your solar panels upfront, you can control the cost, plus you can purchase the amount you need. Additionally, it’s easy to get a loan for solar installations at low rates, making it less expensive than renting your solar array for the next two decades.

If you have debated going solar, call HPM at 866-974-9944. We’ll be glad to discuss how we can make your home more energy efficient.