Common Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes a Skilled Contractor Can Help You Avoid

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February 21, 2017
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Common Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes a Skilled Contractor Can Help You Avoid

heating and air conditioning installation Chino hills, CA

Although the winter is coming to an end, you may still need to have your heating system replaced to see you through the remaining cold weeks. Again, you may need to replace your old and probably malfunctioning air conditioner in readiness for the summer. If you are in need of heating and air conditioning installation Chino hills, CA services, you should only hire the qualified, experienced and certified contractors in the region for the work. You can find such heating and cooling system installation professionals in some of the leading HVAC companies like Home Performance Matters.

For the years we have been in this business, we have had a considerable number of Chino hills homeowners hire us to fix installation mistakes that had been made by inexperienced installation experts. As such, we know how inconveniencing and expensive such mistakes can be to homeowners. While the inexperienced HVAC installation technicians may be cheaper to hire, they can make the following costly mistakes:

Disregarding Combustion Safety

If your heating system was installed by an unskilled or inexperienced professional, it is easy for it to develop cracks on the heat exchanger. This will lead to carbon monoxide leakage from your furnace into the living space.  Again, not all the heating and cooling systems installation technicians today understand the concept of back drafting in combustion appliances, which can also lead to the leakage of the poisonous gas into your house. Although our installation professionals are trained and experienced on the installation of the various heating systems, they will also test your system after installation to ensure that it meets all the safety standards.

Wrong Choice of HVAC Installation Parts

With so many heating and air conditioning installation Chino Hills, CA system makes and models to choose from, it can be difficult for homeowners to determine the right systems for their homes. In this regard, many homeowners rely on the expertise of their installation contractors to buy the right installation equipment. If your preferred contractor does not have a clear understanding of the sizing, capacity and efficiency levels of the various makes and models, he or she is likely to choose the wrong equipment for your home. This is why we first evaluate your heating or cooling needs and do the necessary calculations to help you buy a heating and cooling system that is highly effective and efficient for your installation or replacement project.

Home Performance Matters

Wrong Programming of the Thermostat

This may seem to be a simple task, especially for a professional HVAC installation contractor, but some of the inexperienced professionals still make the mistake. In such a case, you will have bought a highly effective unit, but still incur increased energy bills. With our professionals working on your installation project, the thermostat will be calibrated to a temperature setting that is both comfortable and allows your system to run efficiency.

To avoid such heating and air conditioning installation Chino Hills, CA problems, it is advisable to only hire qualified, skilled and experienced professionals for this task. To hire some of the best HVAC installation experts in Chino hills, call us today on 1-866-974-9944.