Ductless Installation in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Ductless Installation in San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Services

Ductless Installation:

Ductless Installation in San Gabriel Valley, CA


Home Performance Matters is committed to providing outstanding service. Our professional installation experts are licensed and fully trained allowing us to provide you with fast, effective, professional ductless installation services.

Did you know?

The temperature should be the same in your home between rooms, especially in a single story home.

In most homes, the ducts are under insulated and/or leaky. We provide two options for HVAC Ducting:

Replace current ducting – like for like.
Redesign system bringing it up to today’s standards and technology.


New clean R-8 flex ducting
New start collars and dampers to adjust air flows
High-performance grilles where needed
Duct leakage testing


These are just some of the services that you can expect from our team at Home Performance Matters. Do not delay your comfort any longer, and schedule an appointment online or give us a call today to get started on your Ductless installation project!