Energy Audit in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Energy Audit San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Our energy audit projects are objective: based strictly on building science, not marketing. Our skilled team of auditors and technicians love the work they do and are motivated to help you maximize energy savings and comfort.

Energy Audit in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Helping Your Home Use Less Energy

Energy Audit in San Gabriel Valley, CA Energy Audit in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Nearly every recommendation we make serves a dual purpose: lowering your energy bill and improving your comfort.

Our report is the tool you need to target the most effective ways to reduce your home’s energy costs and carbon footprint. It identifies the most effective actions you can take, giving you the greatest benefit for the least investment.

The Inspection

Our home energy audits are truly comprehensive, identifying the most effective ways to make your home more comfortable, healthier and energy-efficient. Each inspection covers the following areas:

Energy Consumption

By reviewing a year’s worth of heating and cooling bills, our auditors will be able to identify what you are spending on your everyday energy needs. We use this information to estimate the payback for the recommendations that are made for your home.

Insulation Performance

Proper, effective insulation is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Our inspectors use a combination of visual inspections and equipment to assess your home insulation’s effectiveness, identify trouble spots and make specific recommendations.

Building Leakage

Your heating and air-conditioning systems work to keep your house at a different temperature than the world outside. Any time air is unintentionally leaking between your house and the outside world your HVAC system has to work harder and use more energy to mitigate that leak.

Not all air exchange is bad. Your house needs to be drawing in fresh outside air. Our job is to make sure it’s drawing in that air from proper places, in ways that don’t negatively affect the efficiency of your heating and air-conditioning system.

Our inspectors will measure and inspect your house’s rate of leakage and infiltration, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Heating & Cooling Condition

Your Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system can in some cases consume more energy than the rest of your house’s energy needs combined. That’s why we pay particular attention to assessing every aspect of this system’s performance.

Our HVAC inspection includes a detailed analysis of:

Overall System BTU Requirements

A measure of your system’s performance compared to a recommended energy efficient system.

Static Pressure

Static Pressure can impact the amount of energy needed to push and pull air through your duct system. We’ll measure your system’s static pressure, then compare it to what your system manufacturer recommends to help identify inefficiencies.


Airflow measurements can indicate obstructions or a poor system design that forces your system to work harder than necessary and will reduce the lifespan of your system.

Duct & Insulation Condition

Excessive amounts of duct leakage, or poorly installed insulation can contribute to inefficiencies in the system.

Distribution System performance

Distribution System Performance determines the effectiveness of your HVAC distribution system design.

Air Quality Assessment

We’ll measure the indoor air quality in your home, identifying particulates and allergens that could be damaging to your health.

Carbon Monoxide Measurements

NOTE: Carbon Monoxide testing (a.k.a. Combustion Safety Testing) can be added to our typical energy audit for an additional fee. If you move forward with a retrofit, we will conduct Combustion Safety Testing before installing any energy upgrades.

Carbon Monoxide, (CO), is a byproduct of incomplete combustion, and can be produced by most household gas appliances. While many homes have detectors that will sound an alarm at potentially fatal Carbon Monoxide levels, lower, yet still harmful levels of this poisonous gas can go undetected.

Our auditors use precision measuring devices to record Carbon Monoxide levels around your gas-fired home appliances, ensuring you’re aware of any potential problems.

Hot Water Heaters

Many homes are using either old, inefficient water heaters, or water heaters that are incorrectly sized for their home. We’ll inspect your current water heater, let you know if you should consider a replacement and guide you to make the best replacement choice.


Your appliances can use a significant amount of energy. We’ll make recommendations to reduce both your base appliance energy load and peak usage.

Renewable Energy Potential

There’s nothing greener than making your own energy out of sunlight or wind, but not every home site is suited for solar or wind power. Our auditors will assess your property’s potential and give you a realistic picture of the benefits you could expect from various sources of renewable energy.

Homeowner Behavior

Often, simply changing your behavior as a homeowner can reduce your energy usage by as much as 20%. Our auditors will identify wasteful behaviors and help you find easy-to-implement solutions.

These are just some of the services that you can expect from our team at Home Performance Matters. Do not delay your comfort any longer, and schedule an appointment online or give us a call today to get started on your Energy Audit project!