Energy Efficiency & Solar Experts

4 Benefits of A Home Energy Audit
May 18, 2016

Energy Efficiency & Solar Experts

Almost every home in the northern hemisphere has a heating and air conditioning system to keep living and working spaces comfortable throughout the year regardless of the outdoor temperatures. Since these systems run for extended periods of time, they account for a huge fraction of your home’s energy bill. The best way to minimize your home’s energy demand is to target the operations of the air conditioning system. As a start, you should hire energy efficiency & solar experts to help you reduce your energy bills while improving the performance and energy efficiency of your system.

Hiring Energy Efficiency & Solar Experts

The best way to reduce your energy bill is to install solar panels to power your air conditioning system. Since the bulk of the load from the air conditioning system occurs during the day, solar panels can be used to convert the sun’s energy during the day to power the AC system. In fact, the energy produced by the panels may be enough to power the AC system both during the day as well as throughout the night.

The NATE-certified experts from Home Performance Matters are highly qualified to handle any energy-efficiency improvement program. All you need to do is visit their website to schedule a service or call the customer support team to obtain a quote and make the necessary arrangements for the improvements.

For a solar power system to work efficiently, the installer must properly size the solar power system. The most important rating is the power output of the solar panels. The panels must be able to provide enough energy to power the AC both during the day and throughout the night. The good news is that Home Performance Matters offers financing for both new AC installation and solar power system installation. Be sure to call them for a quote, initial consultation and scheduling of service.