Factors To Consider Prior to Heating & A/C Installation

Vital Points to Consider Prior to Heating System Installation
November 18, 2016
Heater and Air Conditioning Installation Guide
November 18, 2016

Factors To Consider Prior to Heating & A/C Installation

It is necessary during heating and air conditioning installation Covina CA that both are properly coordinated in order to get the best results.

There are certain thing to look out for and tips you should consider before you purchase an air conditioning unit.

  • Be aware of the heating system in your house – adding an A/C unit to a home that has a forced-air heating system is an easy fix and less expensive compared to one that uses baseboard heat or a boiler. For homes without air ducts, there are solutions available. But these are quite costly, and the work is not only time consuming but also nasty.
  • Consider price and energy efficiency before making a purchase – Get three proposals from three different contractors and rank them accordingly prior to any final decision. Estimated annual cost of operation must also be considered. Bear in mind that homeowners must take the hit of a higher upfront cost as the unit purchased becomes more energy efficient.
  • Make sure that the additional electrical load used by your new A/C unit can be handled by your circuit breaker. You must have an empty or unused electrical panel slot where you can place a dedicated breaker for your new appliance. Small electrical panels are usually found in some of the older homes, this could  lead to problems, not only for the installation specialist but also to the homeowner. Upgrading a circuit breaker box requires additional costs.

Hiring heating and air conditioning installation Covina CA experts must be considered with great care. The background of the company being hired must  be checked thoroughly to ensure that they have a long list of happy clients and that they have experience in undertaking tasks similar to yours.. Permits, licenses and insurances must also be available at request!

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