Heater and Air Conditioning Installation Guide

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November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Heater and Air Conditioning Installation Guide

Close to 75% of your heater and air conditioner’s system performance and operational efficiency is determined by proper installation.  So, aside from expecting that your technician will show punctuality, respect and expertise, a thorough understanding of your new system needs to be ensured.

To realize proper connection and optimal functionality, be mindful of the following procedures that technicians follow during any heater and air conditioning installation Chino Hills CA:

  • Carbon build-up during a welding process can be avoided by purging nitrogen through the copper tubing and coil while carrying out this procedure. Maximum refrigerant flow will be ensured.
  • Prevent rapid and  premature compressor failure by evacuating systems with service caps in place.
  • Insufficient amount of refrigerant caused by any size leaks leads to  higher electricity consumption, less efficiency and  a shorter lifespan. Ensuring that the refrigerant system is leak-free will guarantee that service calls in the future won’t be necessary.
  • Prevent compressor failure due to acid build-up by evacuating systems to 400 microns or less. This will ensure a dehydrated systems and a non-leaking refrigerant line system.
  • New refrigerant lines must be used as much as possible during the installation. In case replacement is not possible due to certain constraints, proper flushing can suffice if it follows standards set out by the manufacturer.
  • New oil must be used to evacuate every new system. Oil in the vacuum becomes fully saturated with moisture, and if reused, the proper vacuum level can’t be achieved.
  • Decreased capacity due to restrictions in the refrigerant line system is usually caused by copper tubing shavings. This can be avoided by using a sharp wheel in cutting and by proper positioning.
  • To properly set charge on systems, you must use the manufacturer’s literature and information. This will ensure maximum performance and the lowest energy costs.

To understand more about heating and air-conditioning installation Chino Hills CA, you can visit homeperformancematters.com for expert advice and other tips.  Call our team of experts today!