Heating and Air Conditioning Service Claremont CA

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Covina CA
June 3, 2016
Air Conditioner Installation Claremont CA
June 3, 2016

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Claremont CA

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Claremont CA

If you live in cold or hot climate areas, chances are that you have installed an air conditioning and heating equipment. For this reason, you may need the services of heating ventilation and air conditioning contractors. The good thing is that, heating and air conditioning service Claremont CA offers quality services to its clients. These services includes the following.

Installation Services

Heating and air conditioning products include air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, duct-work, thermostats and boilers as well as air handlers. These units must be installed correctly by qualified and experienced technicians. Home Performance Matters offers quality products in addition to providing technicians who conducts timely and accurate installation to its Claremont clients

Maintenance Services

Devices and appliances that have components which are in constant motion, often get worn out. Friction and vibration cause them to tear apart and also lose their appeal. To reduce these problems, heating and air conditioning service Claremont CA provides maintenance service of various HVAC components. They include: cleaning and replacement of air filters, duct-work, lubrication, refrigerant refill as well as heat pump inspection and repairs.

Inspection and Repairs

Regular assessment of heating and air conditioning units is necessary to reduce equipment malfunction. The technicians at Home Performance Matters are well equipped and trained to conduct inspection of all HVAC appliances and equipment. Any damage such as leaks, wear and tear, fan malfunction, frozen coil as well as faulty electrical problems, may be repaired urgently and conveniently at affordable rates.

Equipment Upgrades

Replacing an air conditioner or heating equipment is expensive. For this reason, conducting upgrades is an alternative low cost option. For instance, installing an energy efficient furnace or changing the fuel source may be an option to consider. To maximize on performance, convenience and efficiency, invest in smart thermostats. They can be programed and integrated to work with Smartphone’s. This is a smart feature since you can control your HVAC remotely from anywhere. For quality heating and air conditioning service, choose Home Performance Matters.