How Do I Qualify for Rebates? Energy Upgrades California

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January 17, 2017
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How Do I Qualify for Rebates? Energy Upgrades California

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In accordance with the decision to lower energy consumption in California by up to 40 percent by the years 2020, government agencies and California Utilities are offering attractive financial incentives as well as rebates. If you would like to undertake a heating and air conditioning installation Covina, CA project, such rebates can help you realize your long-term home energy saving goals.  While there are several rebate programs in California, the Energy Upgrades California (EUC) is the main provider of rebates in Southern California. Basically, EUC encourages a complete approach to energy efficiency in homes. In this regard, the program offers monetary incentives for homeowners to either build new homes or renovate old ones using eligible high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, duct sealing and insulation.

The EUC program gets its funding from utility ratepayers. In this regard, a certain percentage of the money you pay for your utility bills will be used to fund this rebate program. If you are renovating your home or building a new one, you should work with a reputable and licensed contractor like Home Performance Matters (HPM) to apply for this rebate.  While many homeowners would like to benefit from this rebate, not all of them are qualified. To qualify, you have to meet several requirements, some of which include:

You Must Work with A Licensed HVAC contractor

To be approved for the EUC rebate program, you need to work with a licensed contractor who is licensed by the BPI. Additionally, your preferred heating and air conditioning installation Covina, CA contractor must be willing to have their work inspected. At HPM, we not only have some of the best heating and cooling system installation experts in the region, but are also certified by the BPI. Additionally, we are one of the few EUC approved contractors in Canada that specialize in whole-house energy efficiency, in accordance with EUC goals. We have also allowed ourselves to be supervised by the Utility Commission for exceptional HVAC installation standards and quality.

Home Performance Matters

A Total of Three Measures

To qualify for this program, homeowners are required to submit at least three measures for a single project. Of the three measures, one must be either attic insulation or ducting. Other measures you may include with your EUC rebate application include wall insulation, energy star windows, tankless water heaters, sliding glass doors, cool roofs, and high-efficiency heating and cooling. Once you have submitted your application, the three measures will be entered into a computer program that calculates the overall energy efficiency allowed for by the three measures. To qualify for the rebate, the three must contribute towards an energy saving of at least 10 percent.

Energy Audit

The other qualification for this rebate is an energy audit that must be carried out before the project starts. This is to ensure that your homes will be modeled in such a way that the submitted measures contribute to the highest energy saving possible. Having been in this business for a considerable period, we understand how the EUC program works, hence must perform an energy audit to help you apply for a rebate.

Although you have to meet the various requirements by EUC to qualify for their rebates, working with a knowledgeable, experienced and licensed heating and air conditioning installation Covina, CA contractor. To get a free energy audit for your project in January, give us a call today on 1-866-974-9944.