How Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Affects Humans

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November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016

How Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Affects Humans

You might be wondering why air-borne diseases and pollutants are rampant on the news today. How can we keep them under control?

It is true that air pollutants contaminate the air and affect the quality of life. This is largely due to the inhalation of these pollutants that can affect a person’s respiratory system. This alone has a huge impact and detrimental effect on health.

There are several kinds of air contaminants, and since these can easily mix with the air that we breathe, it is hard to avoid the effects.

Examples of known contaminants and their sources are the following:

  • Allergens

Common sources: dust, smoke, etc.

  • Bacteria, viruses and fungi

Common sources: pet animals, moisture, human carriers, etc.

  • Poisonous gases and chemicals

Common sources: combustion of fuels, evaporation of chemicals, burning of chemicals, decaying matter, construction materials, cleaning products, furniture polishes, etc.

These contaminants affect human health from a simple eye irritation to asthma to something that may even cause death. An example of an airborne disease is tuberculosis. When exhaled by a person, it poses risks of transmission. It might sound too extreme and dangerous for us to avoid. However, HVAC systems were studied and were proven to be helpful in maintaining sanitation and reducing a significant amount of air pollutants in our immediate surroundings. It can save lives. A poorly designed Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Upland CA system can create dangerous conditions that might be a threat to human health.

Humans are a delicate species. With the help of a properly built and designed HVAC system, it can help prevent the spread of diseases and improve the condition and health for everyone. Home Performance Matters advocates for a cleaner, more sanitized, and healthier environment, where you and your loved ones are protected from the harm that air pollutants may bring.