HVAC Options and Duct Design


We provide the best Energy Efficiency HVAC Services for your Home. Helping your Home's Performance is our number one priority.

Home Performance Matters is committed to providing outstanding service. Our professional maintenance and installation experts are licensed and fully trained allowing us to provide you with fast, effective, professional service whether you need heating and air conditioner repair, new installation, or maintenance.

Why choose Home Performance Matters for Heating and Cooling installation?

  • We have our own Trained Technicians – NO Subcontractors
  • Performance Based Installs
  • Wide Selection of Options to Match Your Goals and Budget
  • We offer the Whole House Approach
  • Approved Contractor for Utility Rebate Programs
  • Duct replacement and Duct sealing

Heating and Air Conditioning

The most important decision you have to make when thinking about investing in a new heating and AC system is whether or not you want to simply upgrade the equipment or have the whole system redesigned. Many customers decide to only upgrade their equipment to keep cost low and because they are satisfied with the performance of their current system. Others decide to have their system redesigned with new equipmant, ducting and vents to maximize the comfort and effiency of the new system.

Benefits of a New AC Unit

  • Energy Savings90%
  • Improved Comfort80%
  • Improved Air Quality70%
  • Reduced Carbon Foot Print80%
  • Noise Reduction80%
  • Reduced Heat Load80%
  • Reduced AC Size (Tons)90%