Attic Insulation in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Attic Insulation San Gabriel Valley, CA and Surrounding Areas

Attic insulation and Wall insulation are some of the first places you should focus when upgrading your home. HPM’s cost-effective insulation services provide immediate results. Insulation increases comfort in your home, reduces bills, and offers several other benefits.

Now is the very best time to Insulate your Attic. Attic Insulation is the most simple and cost effective energy efficient home improvement you can make. It keeps your home comfortable. It keeps the heat out during the summer and keeps the heat in during the winter. According to the Building Performance Institute it is nearly impossible to effectively install Batt Insulation in Attics. We use a better solution –  Blown In Cellulose Insulation. With Blown In Cellulose Insulation we obtain full performance. It fills every space and leaves no voids for absolute full coverage. A home with a properly insulated attic is more comfortable and reduces your heating and air conditioning bills.


Our approach to Insulation is unique. Most other insulation installers are only interested in blowing insulation. We start with a thorough inspection to identify any issues that might impact the performance of the insulation and the safety of the home. If proper preparation is not done your insulation may not work at it’s maximum performance. Just like a good paint job insulation is all about preparation. If proper prep work is not done your insulation is unsafe and will not do its job. We are concerned about your home as a system and want what is best for energy efficient savings and comfort. Most of our customers take advantage of available Energy Upgrade”Rebates and purchase insulation with substantial savings. Currently if you get an energy audit and learn where your home is wasting energy, you can qualify for up to $6500 in Rebates. Call us today to schedule an Energy Audit and check out our Attic Insulation video.


  • Energy Savings90%
  • Improved Comfort80%
  • Improved Air Quality70%
  • Reduced Carbon Foot Print80%
  • Noise Reduction80%
  • Reduced Heat Load80%
  • Reduced AC Size (Tons)90%