Make Springtime Romantic at Home with Our Easy Ideas

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March 24, 2017
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Make Springtime Romantic at Home with Our Easy Ideas

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Get your home feeling more relaxing and cozy than ever with these tips. Showing your spouse how much you care is done in more than words. All the actions and choices we make are what really show it. These ideas are all easy to accomplish ways to make your home a happy place to be spontaneous and romantic together. Home Performance Matters focuses on professional HVAC installation service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA but we know how important connection is in the home.

  1. Surprise your spouse with a special dessert. Use the early strawberry crop to your advantage and make a romantic and delicious treat for your spouse. Wash some strawberries and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Heat up some chocolate chips in a bowl with a small splash of milk. Stir them together and dip strawberries, placing each one on the parchment to cool. Put them in the fridge to set for at least an hour. After dinner, indulge your spouse with this delectable surprise.
  2. Make the kitchen a place to get creative. Spend some time clearing out bills, loose change, and other items that don’t belong. Put away any small appliance items that aren’t used on a weekly basis to clear counter space. Making the room clear, open, and free of clutter invites time for a glass of wine and conversation. It takes away stress and invites you to cook together. Your spouse will appreciate the effort as long as you can still point them in the direction of any of the appliances you hid in the process.
  3. Plan a movie night at home. Talk to your spouse about the movie choice and the treats. You could split the two jobs and surprise each other. You’ll appreciate each other’s effort and have some laughs seeing how well you did choosing something for the both of you. Another option is to plan both together and reminisce to some of the movies you first saw when you started dating.Home Performance Matters
  4. Keep each other taken care of when it comes to everyday comfort. We know HVAC doesn’t sound romantic, but it makes a daily difference in your mood and comfort. Everyone feels more relaxed coming to a well-cooled home and not having to worry about overheating indoors. Our professional HVAC installation service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA keeps you and your spouse relaxed and ready for fun time at home.
  5. Make the bedroom a relaxing and romantic paradise. Dust and declutter the room to start. Think about all the things that make a hotel room comfortable and relaxing. There’s no stressful reminders of what needs to be done, there’s only a nicely made bed to enjoy. Emulate this effect by finding a crisp linen or cotton duvet cover to makeover your comforter. Remove winter’s heavier fabrics and lighten up the room. Place a small flower arrangement next to the bedside table to really add a special touch.

We hope these ideas offer plenty of inspiration. If you need help with the home heating and cooling side of things, give Home Performance Matters a call today. Reach out to us at 866-974-9944.