When Do You Need Solar Services for Your Home Monrovia CA?

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August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016

When Do You Need Solar Services for Your Home Monrovia CA?

Solar energy is used for a wide range of applications in homes. You will have to first install solar panels and associated systems before you can run any appliance using solar power. We can help you with professional solar services for your home Monrovia CA. We have skilled solar technicians with experience in all types of solar systems. Following are some of the applications where you can use this green and clean energy.

Water Heating
Heating water with solar energy is highly economical. It is cheaper than using utility electricity or gas. You can combine both grid electricity and solar power to get hot water all throughout the day and night. The heated water can be used in bathroom, kitchen, laundry and dish washing.

Battery Charging
This is most widely used solar energy application. One or many batteries are charged using the electricity received from solar panels. Power stored in the battery is used to power lights, fans and electrical appliances.

Home Appliances
You can run almost all types of electric home appliances using solar electricity. You are only limited by the capacity of your solar system.

Room Heating
Solar energy can be used to heat the interior of a room. Heating with grid electricity can be very expensive. You can reduce your heating expenses by using solar power.

Interior Cooling
Solar energy has a big advantage in running a small air conditioner. It is during summer months that outdoor temperature rises and this is also the perfect time to use solar electricity. Solar panels work at higher efficiency during the summer months.

Water Pump
Solar energy is used extensively to run water pumps. These pumps can be installed to draw water from the ground, a large water tank like well, or any surface water body like pond.

Irrespective of the purpose for which you want to use solar power, the whole system must be installed by professional installers. We have technicians with specialization in this field. Call Home Performance Matters Inc on 866-974-9944 for any type of solar service for your home.