Power Calculation Solar Services for Your Home Claremont CA

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August 11, 2016
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August 16, 2016

Power Calculation Solar Services for Your Home Claremont CA

Once you have decided to install solar power system, you will want to know what type of solar panels you need. You may have decided to power one or multiple electrical items. There are solar power solutions for all requirements. You will need professional solar services for your home Claremont CA. Our expert solar technicians will help you calculate power rating of your solar energy system.

First of all you have to decide how much electricity you need from the solar system. For this calculation, you will have to go through the electricity specifications of light bulbs, fans, motors and appliances that you want to run on solar energy. All electrical items have specific wattage, voltage and ampere ratings. Calculation of these specifications is needed to determine the size of solar energy system. It will help you know the number of solar panels, size of inverter and number of batteries you have to buy.

A small home with 1-2 people is going to need an average of 1.5 kW solar power system. This unit can be used to run energy efficient lights, fans, stand by appliances and LED TV. For a medium home with 2-3 people, a 3 kW system is recommended. It can handle lights, TV, computer, appliances and small air conditioner. A 5 kW solar power system can handle electricity needs of a large home with four or more people. This unit can handle electricity needs for multiple lights, fridge, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, computer, multiple air conditioners and TVs.

It is important to remember that the power stored in the batteries will drain faster if multiple appliances are used at the same time. Powerful appliances will drain battery power quickly. If you need any help in calculating these details, just call 866-974-9944. We will help with all such calculations. An expert technician from Home Performance Matters Inc will visit your home and inspect electricity specifications of all lighting, fans and appliances that you want to run on solar power. The professional will use that data to calculate what type of solar power system is best for you. Schedule an appointment now at 866-974-9944.