Solar Panel Installation Service Glendora CA

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August 16, 2016
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Solar Panel Installation Service Glendora CA

You already know the benefits of solar power system. Now you want to install one for your home. Before installing such a power system, you want to know what type of products you have to buy. There are mainly three or four types of products that are needed to complete a solar power system. You will need professional solar panel installation service Glendora CA to connect all these units properly.

Solar Panels
Also called photovoltaic or PV panel, it consists of photovoltaic arrays that form the solar panel. This is the main black sheet that you see in pictures. The solar panel faces the sun. It is made from silicon and has photoelectric properties to convert sunlight into electricity.

There are two ways to use electricity generated by the solar panels. The first is to use it immediately to power appliances directly. The second option is to store solar panel generated direct current or DC electricity in batteries for later use. Most home appliances run on alternate current or AC. The job of an inverter is to convert DC current of solar panel or battery into AC. This way, solar power can be used to run common home appliances.

In most cases, electricity generated by solar panels is stored in one or many batteries. The power stored in the batteries is used later on to power lights and appliances. This makes it possible to use solar power even at night. A battery stores power in DC form. An inverter is needed to convert battery’s DC power into AC power.

Depending on the requirements, there may be need for installation of electrical panels. If electricity generated from solar panels will be sold to the local utility company, you will have to install utility meter and monitoring equipment. Call Home Performance Matters Inc on 866-974-9944 and we will provide answers to all your questions. We have expert technicians to handle all types of solar panel installation services in Glendora CA and surrounding areas.