Types of Wall Insulation Perfect for Your Home

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November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Types of Wall Insulation Perfect for Your Home

There are two main types of wall insulation: cavity and solid insulation types.

What kind of walls do you have?

To know your exact type of wall insulation, let’s first describe the two types:

  • Solid walls were introduced in the 1930s in the UK. “Solid” here means there’s no cavity within. A solid wall brick pattern is easily recognizable. It has a lot of end bricks that appear like some sort of half-length bricks right in the middle of your walls. The depth of the wall is around 9 inches.
  • Cavity walls have an inner and outer leaf and includes a gap in between. The ties which hold the 2 walls together can be plastic or metal. It has greater depths, and the cavities are measured at around 2 inches.

Cavity walls tend to lose heat more than solid walls. If you have lots of external walls on your house, you could also experience more heat loss. This is why detached homes lose more heat as compared to mid-terrace ones.However, cavity walls are also generally easier to insulate.

Cavity wall insulation

Once you make an inquire on cavity wall insulation, the service provider will ask you about the age and type of your house. A surveyor will visit your home and check if a cavity wall is indeed the right type for your home. If your walls are in poor condition, the installation might not be possible.

Solid wall insulationa

For those who have some solid external walls, there are 2 choices. Either an internal or an external insulation. Internal insulation is usually installed in rooms, and can be done independently. External insulation can cover the whole façade of your home and might not be your ideal DIY project due to its somewhat complex nature.

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